Monday, September 03, 2012

Reflections from alumni, Ian Tan Zong Yang

When I first joined NYPCO, it was not a decision of my own. At first, I was reluctant to go for practices, I would skip practice at every opportunity. But it was as I finally decided to start committing to NYPCO and started going for practice regularly that I realized that NYPCO is a very fun place. Having friends all around playing music in synchronization with each other is a wonderful feeling.

No doubt will there be tough times especially when performances and concerts draw close, but with the encouragement from each other and our very friendly instructors, these tough times would be easier to come to pass. It is upon finishing the very last piece of each performance when the applause of the audience starts roaring in the crowd where a sense of satisfaction indescribable comes to your heart, hoping that that moment would last forever, and therefore looking forward to the next upcoming performance.

NYPCO also holds camps and post-concert celebrations, hence making everything much more entertaining and enjoyable. With no doubt, I no longer regretted my choice for joining NYPCO as it is a wonderful place to be.