Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hi all, Cheng San CC will be holding their annual concert on:
3rd march 2006
Venue: Singapore Conference Hall
Ticket price : $18
some of the pieces are:
The whole concert will last for around 2 hrs 15 minutes. I believe most of our exams will be over by then so it will be good that we go and show our support and learn from them at the same time. Those who are interested kindly contact me@ 98259281 so that i can have a total of plp interested and tell zheng lao shi who will help us get the tickets. Meanwhile, good luck for all your exams. Jacqueline

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Schedule this week

Guys, this is the final week!

7th FEB
Tues combine practice for Punggol Park
Colors of the Wind
Chi Dao Shang de Ye Hui
Xiao Dao Hui
You Yong De Ren
First Love
When you believe
Mambo #5

Even though we all know the pieces, please note that Zheng Lao Shi cannot come on the performance day because he has SCO performance, which means ME conduct... means you all must come or else the show will go haywire!

10th FEB
Percussion Ensemble ONLY
8.30am arrive at CO Room to shift instruments onto the lorry. Will reach back school by 1pm. Attire TBC

11th FEB
PUNGGOL PARK Performance
Arrival time TBE on Tues. The performance is at 5pm - 6pm, please invite your family and friends, if not we'll be performing to ghost. Reach back school by 7pm. All instruments to be cleared from storeroom by this evening.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Thank You gUys

Hello guys....
Thank You for making the Starstruck celebration a sucess.However, please do not forget that our regular practices still continues.
There will be a Combine practice for the coming punggol park performance
Combine Practice will be on next tuesday, 7 Febuary 2006
Please be punctual and attend the practice.
Punggol park performance will be on 11 Febuary 2006, Saturday