Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reflections from alumni, Lin Xin Ying

"If my results aren't good, I would quit CO immediately." This was what I told myself when I first joined NYPCO. I'm glad that until now, NYPCO is still a part of my life.

 No, my grades are not fantastic; it has barely pulled through. And yes, I've thought about quitting CO many times. However, every time I ask myself whether CO is the culprit for my poor grades, the answer is no.

 I admit that I'm a procrastinator. My productivity can be depicted by an inversely proportionate straight line graph against the remaining time. This means that even if I had all the time in the world, work will still be left to the last minute. Perhaps a busy schedule is what people like me needs. With CO, I would anticipate that I would not be free to study on certain nights. As a result, I started studying earlier. I remember vividly that in Year 1, I had a few hours from my last class till CO starts. That would be the time I spend studying in the library cubicles.

My classmates often grumble about me going CO. They'll go like "CO again?!!" on Wednesdays and Mondays/Thursdays (whichever day sectional practice is on) and tries to dissuade me from attending practice sessions. I’m thankful that my classmates understood and accepted my commitment in CO after a while. As such, group project meetings are often planned around CO practice sessions. I believe that as long as one does his/her fair share, others have no ground to complain.

I had severe COWS during my 1 month overseas placement. You see, I first got in touch with CO in primary 3 out of curiosity and had only spent 2 years without CO since then. In primary school, I found myself hating practice sessions. Nevertheless, I stayed on. In secondary school, I gradually stopped hating CO. In JC, I spent 2 years suffering without my mental outlet. And now, I can’t stop CO from popping into my mind! :)

Being in NYPCO has forced me to learn very rapidly, and yet, not feel overloaded. I am very thankful to all the instructors, and especially Zheng Lao Shi who have taught and helped me a lot, and given me words of encouragement. And thank you, my friends, for bringing a smile to my face.

To those who are struggling to catch up in NYPCO:
            If you need help, just pester your seniors to teach you. As long as you’ve tried your best, you did very well.

To all members:
            Life’s too short for regrets; whatever you do, give it your best shot.

Thanks to Xin Ying for sharing her experience~ :)