Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ex VP says....

HI dear fellow members,

It is probably time to do some spring cleaning to our CO BLOG already. When was the last post updated? Sep 10th by jiawenwen.... 

December has arrived. Are we satisfied with the amount of things we have done for this year ^^? Annual Concert, Hong Kong Music Festival, Mini Lunchtime Concert, Interviews by Straits Time, Zao Bao, PAP Charity Concert (coming soon..). 

I thought that CO have been pretty much progressive and doing well in terms of publicity and we have been exposed to wide variety of music genres too, thanks to our conductor Mr Chiang. =) Of course not forgetting the effort of our current members as well as our LOYAL batch of alumni! Now u see how teamwork gets the orchestra moving!! 

I hope this carries on and on... forever. =) 

I think we need give a round of applause to our Percussion Team for taking up the challenge to participate in the competition this time round. They have make great efforts and gave their time in for practicing despite having various commitments. **Claps Claps** It is the effort that people will remember. Good Job percussionists !! ^^

Anyway, admins please do update the blog frequently!! btw, we've been FEATURED in 联合早报 on 12th Dec 2008, 3rd last page left hand corner of the paper. DO read them!! Look out for SITI, the Vice-President!! whahaha. Hopefully, the straits time article would be out soon. Keep a look out...