Thursday, July 28, 2005


HIHI, how was ur term break and exam, ICAs... ...etc?

hope u guys get a good results and enjoy it.

Here hav an announcement......

We will hav an outing at
Date : 6 Aug 2005
Time : will be confirm soon
Venue : Pasir RIs

we will meet at Pasir Ris MRT Station

And pls to
1. dont wear white in tat day
2. dont wear high hile shoes
3. bring one more extra clothe
4. bring slipper or sandal if u can.

C ya tat day

Friday, July 22, 2005

22nd July Announcement

Hi guys,
Sorry that this post came late. Basically, the BBQ is confirmed on 6th Aug afternoon at Pasir Ris Park (near Fisherman Village, not Downtown East). So please book that date! More information will be out soon regarding time and attire.

As for the t-shirts, we're collecting payment now. It's $11.50 each, so please pay to your sectional leader before 6th Aug.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

12th July Announcement

Attn: All Members

Dearest members & freshies,

Let me first give the freshies a warm welcome into the big family! The journey, which you will embark here in the Chinese Orchestra, will be a fun filled and enriching one. It’s been almost a month since Club Crawl and I hope you have enjoyed yourselves so far.

We have recently just been promoted to a Star CCA, and we are in the process of planning BBQs, orphanage performances and concerts, making t-shirts, buying more instruments, organizing the annual camp and hopefully go overseas.

· BBQ – The BBQ will be on 6th Aug at Pasir Ris Park (near Downtown East).
· T-shirt – We are getting samples from tailors and they will be ready in 2 months.
· Orphanage performances – Tentatively set in October for all freshies to perform
· Annual Camp – More fun and games in November

Things to note:
· Updates will be on the blog ( every Wednesday and also on the Notice Board.
· $8 Club fund to be paid by 15th July. It will be used to fund the BBQ.
· Always assume that practice is on unless you are told it is cancelled.
· No footwear allowed at the CO room A240 at all times.
· Return all tuners to your sectional leader, move back the chairs and stands, throw away your food/litter after practice.

· The committee is currently looking for enthusiastic members who can help and lead others in various tasks. Feel free to approach any of the 3 Presidents, committee members or your sectional leader if you wish to help.

Upcoming Meetings:
o Welfare – 20th July, 4pm at CO room. Organize BBQ & Games
(All new members are welcomed to contribute & help! Decide what food to buy as well!)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

5th July Announcements

Hi all,

The Japanese University is performing on Wed (6th July) at Threatre for the Arts. Entrace time at 3pm. It's free and it sounds very promissing, Jap percussion! Everyone is encouraged to go.

Braddell-Heights CC having concert on 16th July 7.30pm at Victoria Concert Hall. Tickets at $10 each, if you wish to go, please contact Alex or Su Hui.

This blog will be updated every Tuesday night. So please check back for any important announcements, if there's no changes it means practice is still on as per normal.

Lastly, Club Fund $8 by July 15th, muz give ur section leader!


Friday, July 01, 2005

Cello/Bass Notices

Hello all!

Here's another long winded post from me again...
Cello/bass practices will go on as per normal next Monday the practice times are as follows

  • 6.30 to 8.30 for Juniors, and
  • 8.30 to 9.30 for seniors/those who have experience

* experienced members need not attend the 6.30 session. But if you want to, go ahead!

Should you wish to have your own self practice, the Chinese orchestra is open everyday on weekdays from 6 PM onwards! But do avoid Wednesdays and Thursdays , as you will most probably end up practising in the corridor due to the shortage of rooms.


The best times for your own self practice are,

Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (mornings, check out with the President and vice presidents for more info)

Once again, Thank you very much for your kind attention and please remember to check out this blog for your regular updates! :)

- Huai En