The band was officially formed on 27 Nov 2011. It is a result of a collaboration by talented players from different sections of Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra (NYPCO). These members are motivated to produce quality and creative music.
Voltz staged their debut performance during NYPCO’s K-Attack Concert at the Esplanade in 2011. The concert was a blast and the band received overwhelming response from the audience.
Following their successful debut, Voltz was then specially invited by Mediacorp to perform an original interpretation of the theme song for "OKTO ". The band rose to the challenge and went on to perform ‘live’ during the show.
The songs that Voltz performed are arranged by their band leader, Ms Jing Ning.


Anonymous said...

Where do you all get the scores for the songs from? The songs are brilliant but the scores are hard to find...

NYPCO said...

Some of our scores are arranged by our student, some are our arranger.