Friday, March 30, 2007

Updates on AIMF

Hi guys,


  • Please hand in your indemnity forms and photo-stated passport asap by next week. For those special cases, ASAP =) Thanks.
  • For those going Attachment, Common Test, FYPJ, please give me you names, admin no and school by next week. especially SHS, SBM, SIT
  • It's urgent and impt that everyone tt is affected gets their excuse letters. We will not entertain anymore names after next week. Please inform us earlier =) thanks.
  • Please choose your room-mates to stay with during the 9 days trip to Sydney. 2-3 ppl per room. Preferably 2. STRICTLY guys and guys, gals and gals. =) no mixing is allowed! Thanks. Inform me by next combined practice on wed 4/4/07. once informed, please try not to change. Thks =)
Thanks, that's all


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hi all,


  • For those who have not collect their indemnity and Edusave form, please collect them from co room. I will place them outside co room asap. Pink form for under 21, Blue Form for above 21. Edusave forms are applicable to only Singaporeans.
  • Please hand up all your forms except for edusave(which will be annouce when to hand up) by latest Friday 23 march 2007 if possible.
  • Members, please get your passport photo stated by next combined practice which is coming Wednesday or latest by Friday.
  • Please inform me with your names, admin no, school for those who think that you will be affected either by attachment, common test or fypj. Email me at or tell me personally. Thanks.
  • Members , please check that your passport is still valid for at least 6 mths after the trip and before the trip. If they expired, please do get them renew since it's holidays now.
Apparently thats all,

Thanks, and enjoy your holidays!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Combined Practices

Hi all,

Practice Schedules have been up. They are as of the following:

Every Wednesday -6.30-9.30pm
Every Friday- 6.30-9.30pm
Every Saturday -9.30-12.30pm (pls note, this will only be in effect in april,may and june)

Practices will be held at A242. =)

Please do make an effort in coming for all the combined practices as we will be practicing hard for the upcoming competition =) I hope everyone could give their commitment.

New Sectional Leaders are as of the following

Percussion: Ka Ching
Er Hu: Yu Fei
Cello: Jamie
Plucking: Eunice
Sheng/Suona: Taurus
Dizi: Chu Jun

Please look for your sectional leaders with regards to sectional practices and stuff.
They will be able to give u more information.

Thanks =)

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hi guys,

Happy Holidays to all 1st, hope that you guys have a good time at the chalet =)

In future, this blog will be frequently updated for the AIMF (Australian International Music Festival). I will try and update every week after combined practice just in case any of you guys missed combined practice, you can look at the blog for reference, so that all of you guys wouldn't be lose halfway =)

Anything pertaining to AIMF that you wish to seek information about ,please feel free to come and look for me.

Some updates:
1st combined practice- 7march 07

  • I believe majority of you guys should know that we are allow to go to the AIMF this year at Sydney for competition,performing . So guys, please confirm with me your names and admin no of those who want to go by latest if possible by Monday 12 March 07.
  • The approximated fees for this trip is $700 plus with school subsidizing 70% of our fares for current members, and 50% for alumni. The fee that is paid includes Air ticket fares, Accommodation, festival fee, meals and traveling fares. These rates are consider quite reasonable as the school have subsidized much for us.
  • The objectives of this trip is to work towards our goal of obtaining a GOLD in the folk category of the competition, to obtain a exposure and as well as experiencing different musical culture=) and of course not forgetting to enjoy yourself.
I sincerely seek everyone's fullest cooperation and attention pertaining to this festival because with everyone's cooperation, determination and endurance, i believe we could work together as one and achieved the targets that we have set =).

Everyone please JIAYOU (i'm afraid of ganbatte already) so i better use this, it's safer =p


Friday, March 02, 2007

Hello People,

Sorry for some amendments!! Please read the previous entry on Chalet Stuff.

There are some changes subjected to the Timings and impt things to take note also.



Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hi Guys!!

How is everyone doing??? Exams are over and it's time to celebrate!!! =)

Here to update you guys about the CHALET on THIS COMING SUNDAY, MARCH 4.


REPORTING TIME FOR COMM : 1.30pm ,punctual ( Pasir Ris Mrt Station)

REPORTING TIME FOR OTHERS: 5.00pm at Chalet Resort

I have attach the timings for bus shuttle services from Pasir Ris Mrt Station to Aloha Loyang and vice-versa. Please take note of the timing because the interval is 45mins per bus. Besides that, there is also a copy of the map of Aloha Loyang in case any of you guys need it =)





  • BBQ starts at 6pm, CO members, Alumni, Helpers and ChengSan Helpers please reach by about 6pm will be good =)
  • BACKPACK : please bring sufficient clothings and your necessities if you are staying over night. Especially Medication if you have any.
  • Bring sufficient Money $ if you want to go and play or RAHRAH!! somewhere.
  • Cards/Mahjong/Psp/DVDs/VCDs(Bring them yourself) are allowed in chalet, however night activities only starts after BBQ =)
  • VERY IMPT!! : KEEP OUR VOLUME DOWN =) (especially during night time)
*** Please confirm with me whether are you joining us in only for the BBQ or both the BBQ & Staying over latest by Saturday, 3 march.
  • For Those staying only for the BBQ, please do take note of the timing of the shuttle services. The last shuttle services from Aloha Loyang to Pasir Ris Mrt is 2215hrs.
Ppl please take note: Look for Rui Xiang (93698271) at PASIR RIS MRT control station, 5PM sharp. Rui Xiang will bring you guys to the chalet location=).

Any inquiries, please contact Aaron : 98505591

Thank You and See u guys at the CHALET =)