Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Hi All,
Those who need the originals of the songs that we are playing for the concert can leave a tag with ur email i will send it to u :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gen Is Organizing a BBQ!~

Who says celebrations are coming to an END??


2007 countdown party.

Date: 31th December 2006(Sunday)

Activities: BBQ* + countdown

Venue: yet to be confirmed.

Time: 5pm till DAWN!!

(For those who cant stay with us for the countdown, we still do encourage you to JOIN IN THE FUN WITH US!! Of course u dun have to stay all the way TILL DAWN. U can pack n go after the countdown. NO RESTRICTIONS!! Own time own target!!)

* subjected to change. (90% BBQ, 10% not-known-yet activities)

If we were to have BBQ, you will need to contribute a small sum of money for the food and beverages. The sum of money to be contributed IS NOT CONFIRMED for the time being. BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT IT WILL BE $10 or less.

As this is a self-organized party, NYPCO will NOT hold any responsibilities to ANYTHING THAT GONNA HAPPEN TO YOU. There will be NO consent forms given so PLEASE SEEK YOUR PARENTS’ PERMISSION B4 YOU DECIDED TO ‘TON’ OUTSIDE!! Let them know that you are not involved with any “SAM SENGS” of any clan. Assure them that you are capable of taking responsibilities of yourself.

Interested parties,

You can look for GENEVIENE, XINGER and SHERRYL in CO ROOM during practice days or

find other better ways to get them.

(for example – msn, sms, etc.)

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hi all,
you are reminded to:
1. tell ur sectional leaders the amount of tickets you need for the reminiscenes concert.

2.give $10 to your sectional leaders for the CO Windbreaker

3. Please be reminded that attendance for both sectional and combine practice is VERY IMPORTANT. The attendance for todays combine practice is very bad. It will be very hard for Mr Chiang to conduct the combine practice if he is to repeat the same things practice after practice when members dont make their effort to come

4. Practice on saturdays will be frm 9.30 to 4.30 with a break between 12.30 to 1.30 starting from next saturday 23 dec 2006

5. We will be having christmas celebration next saturday. there will be christmas log cake and stuff... Also, we will be playing Christmas gift exchange. Gift prices are to be min.$5. Please bring a gift along to play!


Jacqueline Leow

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Hi all,

photos taken by Mr Tony Ang can be found @http://proflute.multiply.com/photos/

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Concert poster!!

Hello peepz... as u can see... this is the poster for your reminisences concert... round of applause to ying xin.... :)

regarding tickets

Hi all,

If you are still wondering where to get tickets for the annual concert,

please let ur sectional leaders know the number of tickets u need by this coming saturday's practice. If u want to ensure that u have the amount of tickets u need, book them early and get ur section's members to cooperate so that the numbers will reach me asap :)

also another IMPORTANT point to note please give realistic figures that you can ensure that the number of tickets u ask for u are able to have that number of people coming.

we have all put in alot of effort in to practising and preparing the concert. it YOUR concert get your friends to come and support.

For other enquires u can leave a tag on the tag board with a name that i can recognise so that i can get back to u or call me @ 98259281


Jacqueline Leow

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Practise for Tomorrow 13/12/2006

Hi all,

there is combined practise tomorrow from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

See you guys there

Monday, December 11, 2006


First of all,
i would like to thanks those helpers and sectional leaders who help out in planning, buying , checking and calling to make sure our esplanade concert run smoothly ....you know who you are...Every single one of you deserver a big thank you from me *hug*=D

Also would like to thanks all members for cooperating with us well in able the whole concert to run smoothly.......thanks a million~!

so lets us shout~:

three cheers
three cheers
three cheers



WE CAN DO IT !!!!!

Yours sincerely

Sunday, December 10, 2006

regarding Uniform

Hi members ,
regarding to uniform, please be reminded that the uniform will be wear during annual concert also....so please take good care of your uniform.
Also please be reminded that the uniform can only be HAND WASHED....and also use warm Iron of ur uniform, otherwise you have to do another uniform for annual concert which is really waste of money.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Esplanade detail for Members

Dear members,
For those aready d/l the document , sorry that trouble you all. I decided to post every thing on the blog so that u all no need to be so " ma fan" worried on how to open the document.=P

Information for members to know:
> Dress code :
Upper body: Tube, spaghetti top, razor back
Lower body: Long pants, long skirt.
Shoes: black covered-toes shoes. (With stockings to prevent blisters. Preferable BLACK in color)
*No accessories (necklace, ear-rings, rings, bracelets, anklets) are allow to wear during the concert
*No colored nail.(transparent colors are acceptable. STRICKLY NO SOLID colors)
*No wearing of watches and no bringing of handphones during performance.

Upper body: Black Chinese collar T-shirt
Lower body: Black Long pants
Shoes: Black covered shoes(BLACK SOCKS)
*No accessories (eg. DIAMOND STUD, RINGS) are allow to wear during the concert


For the ladies,
> Make-Up:
- basic foundation(with the sponge)
· Will be provided by NYPCO, BUT, use it at your own risk!
- Lipstick (compulsory)
· Will not be provided AT ALL!

Saturday schedule:
After combine practice, pack your own instrument.

Actual Day:
> Report in school at 8am
> All members need to help out on moving instruments.
> Boys are helping to carry all heavy instruments
> Girls are helping to carry scores and hand carried instruments

Rules to follow at esplanade:
1. Please DO not bring valuable things (example jewelry). NYPCO will not responsible on members who lost their valuable things,
2. Scan your card when you are going out of esplanade
3. Behave yourself in esplanade as we are representing NYP
4. No eating inside the dressing room. Lunches are held at green room.
5. Please be at back stage at 2pm, clear stage at 2pm.
6. Ladies are to put up make up on.

please click on the hyperlink to download the full document file for esplanade schedule and things that members should know before going to the concert.


password will release today combine practice or you can get it from any nyp_co members =)

lets work hard and perform the the best for this coming concert

yours sincerely

Monday, December 04, 2006

Additional Practice Dates

Hi all,
Due to beautiful sunday this Sun, there will be extra combine practice this week

Combine practice will be on: wed,Fri,Sat

All members are to report to CO room 8am SHARP on Sunday

Thanks :)