Thursday, June 30, 2005

General Meeting

To all committee members:

The General Meeting will be held on


6.30PM sharp!

* Dinner @ 5.30pm Food Junction
* Those who will be late/can't come MUST inform me by Sunday.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


1. Debriefing of Farewell Party, Club Crawl and Orientation

2. NYPCO T-Shirt
a. Confirmation of T-Shirt Design
b. Selection of T-Shirt Color
c. Getting of samples
d. The Printing Company

3. Activities for CO Members
a. Games/Outing
b. Brainstorming of other ideas
c. Activities for alumni

4. CO Camp
a. Ideas for CO Camp
b. Date for holding CO Camp

5. Report of Departments
a. Logistic
b. Farewell
c. Publicity
d. Treasurer
e. Sectional leaders
f. Librarian

6. Announcement to all new members
a. Basic rules & regulations
b. Club fund
c. Confirmation of instruments
d. Communication process
e. Adhoc grps recruitment

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Club Fund

Please bring $8 on the next combined/ sectional practise and pass it to you sectional leader...

The dateline for the payment is 15th JUly 2005.

Please be informed that a penalty of $2 will be imposed for any payment after 15th july 2005...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

National Camp Concert

National CO Camp will be having a concert tomorrow (23rd June) at Singapore Conference Hall. It's free and the standard is pretty good. Everyone is encouraged to go!

Date: 23rd June (Thur)
Time: 4pm
Venue:Singapore Conference Hall

Committee Meeting

there is a committee meeting next wednesday 3.30pm at A240. All excos pls attend the meeting... u can get the agenda either frm alex or angeline thz u

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Prac for these days are being cancealed this week

Percussion Wed
Er Hu Wed

Prac will resume next week....

Plucking prac will still continue

Wind prac on fri will resume however it will only for inexperience freshie... thz u

Jap Percussion concert

The performers from Nagoya Music University (Japan) with Mr Masa Matsuda(conductor) will hold the percussion music concert at NYP. The performers are trained in western & eastern intruments such as Japanese drums and Marimba.

The percussion music concert (2 hours performance) will be held at TFA on 6 July 05 (Wed) from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.

Please inform alex by 28th June if you wish to watch!

Combined Prac tml....

Sorry for the last min update...


Combine training will resumed on 28th June when the conductor returns.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Practise resume date

Cello & Bass - Mon 20th June
Percussion - Wed 22nd June
Plucking - Thur 23rd June
Wind - Fri 24th June
Er hu - Wed 29th June

Please be reminded that co prac will resume at these days.....


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Updates abt next practice

Most of our instructors are performing in Zheng He Esplanade concert, thus they are unable to hold practice this week. Here's the next practice date:

Combine Practice - Tues 21st June
*All experienced freshies are expected to turn up. Everyone else is welcome to watch

Cello & Bass - Mon 20th June
Percussion - Wed 22nd June
Plucking - Thur 23rd June
Wind - Fri 24th June
Er hu - Wed 29th June

Everyone please bring $8 on the next combine/sectional practice and pass it to your sectional leader. The dateline is 15th July, payments after 15th July will have a penalty of $2, amounting to $10.

Prac time this week

hi guys and gers....

erm.... due to the fact that some of our instructors have to work during our prac time.... some of the prac this week have been cancealed... however it will b continued next week.... these grps are....

wind fri....
percussion wed....
Er hu wed.....
plucking thurs.....

C u Guys.... next week....

Pls come on time..... if you wanna eat dinner then no 1 goin to eat with u... pls feel free to come to co room.... at ard 6pm.... pester your sectional leader to go have dinner with u.....

if you need extra prac time on your own.... pls contact shu yi... angeline or alex.....

okie.... enough of saying... if u r unsure of the hp No... of your sectional leaders, the P and VPs of co.... here is it... remember to save it...

Shu Yi President 91831924
Alex V.President 98776498
Angeline V.President 91281022

Sectional Leaders...

Zhao Jing 98837617

Sophia 98003496

Liu Juan 90066815
Amelia 92776324

Huai En 97285567
Janet 98805683

Er Hu
Hui Ying 91595187

if you have any suggestion to our co.... pls mail to .....

erm.... our co also have a friendster acc... juz add... ....


Sunday, June 12, 2005

.....Welcome all freshies for joining nyp_co this big & warmly family.....

Hope you all enjoy the first orientation that we have prepared .... and have got a well known to the chinese orchestra intrusments.....This coming tuesday....14 June...630pm at CO room(A240) is the date, time and place for you to decide the instrument that you fond....

Erm....CO room is not a mysterious place....It jus beside the threater for a blue door....walk in den can see our CO room le...Err....where is threater for art ah?! walk along the corridor at fast food side then will see the threater and blue door also.....^_=*....Hope you all find the way.....See u....

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

^_=..Chinese COOL...Chinese Orchestra COOLER...^_=

Hehe....Club Crawl & freshmen Orientation...Coming Soon.....^^

NYPCO Club Crawl will be held on 9 & 10 June 2005....this comming thursday and sport hall....10am to 4pm....

A Freshmen orientation for NYPCO will be organized on 11 June 2005 (Sat) to welcome our NYPCO's freshmen....During the orientation lots of games have been prepared for all freshmen to enjoy....really...really...hehe...believe me....

Below is our Group practice timetable : --

Combined Practice -- Tuesday
Cello/Double Bass -- Monday
Percussion -- Wednesday
Pluck string -- Thursday
Wind -- Monday & Friday

=_^ ... - Chinese Cool .....Chinese Orchestra COOLER...... - ....^_=

*.... By Syean....*