Tuesday, May 30, 2006

SCO concert program

hey peers! sorry for this super late list for SCO concert program....

ok here are the program for 16 june and 17 june concerts
Please send your name ,your admin number and which concerts you would like to go to xinger han_xinger@yahoo.com.sg by this wendesday (the latest) ...thanks each ticket cost 14 dollar. If got any discount on the ticket will let u know asap.

Concerto Marathon

日期 :16/6/06 (星期五)

一, ??与??
《喜送丰收?》Harvest Celebration 彭修文作曲
Soloist: 李新桂

二, 柳琴与??
《?族?情》?段 ??津作曲
Soloist: 司徒?男

三, 二胡与??
《病中吟》Moaning in Sickness ?天?作曲、彭修文?配
《Csardas》 Vittorio Monti作曲、(委?) ?培?移植

四, 笛子与?? (with cuts)
《敦煌印象》?段 莫凡作曲
Soloist: ??忠

五, 二胡与??
《第一二胡狂想曲》Erhu Rhapsody No 1 王建民作曲
Soloist: 朱霖

日期 :17/6/06 (星期六)

一, 笙?奏曲 (sheng ensemble)
《?堤?想》The Yangtze River Capriccio – Against the Flood 林??、王惠然、胡天泉作曲
Soloist: ?家?

二, 古??奏 (gu zheng solo)
《??夜泊》 王建民作曲
Soloist: ?徽

三, 二胡?奏曲 (erhu ensemble)
《心香》Xin Xiang ?季平作曲
Soloist: ?彬

四, 中阮?奏曲 (erhu ensemble)
《云南回?》Reminiscences of Yunnan ?星作曲
Soloist: 林惠?

五, 管子与??
《?河?夫》Trackers of Yellow River 周成?作曲
Soloist: ?雷

Submission Of CCA Points

Hi all,

You are reminded to submit your CCA point by the end of this week.
If you have problem submitting, or your cca point that you have submit, has been rejected, please contact and let sherryl know by this week.

We will not entertain any thing about the CCA Points after this week.


Chinese Orchestra

Monday, May 29, 2006

BaZaaR ~ 2nd June

Hi All CO members,

This coming friday is a bazaar day.
This is a day where we can set up our booth to sell items that are being approved.
Item that we are selling: Hand Make Accessories
Stuff Toys

Date: 2nd June 2006
Venue: Sport Hall (Block G) ~ Stall no.15
Time: 11am to 6pm

Helpers: Koen(in charge), David, Sher, eunice, xiao chong and taurus

Please bring along your friends along to support us. Not just Support us, and also to help us by buying the items we are selling. The profits are us, with this profits, we are able to have more exciting activities, better games, outing and also better FOOD for us for our upcoming the BBQ. We really hope everyone tag your friends along down to the sport hall to our stalls to support us.. We need your support.

Thank you !!!

Chinese Orchestra
Seet HeQiang

Sunday, May 28, 2006

extra Percussion practice

these people listed below,plz take note that you have to come this wednesday( 31th may)5pm - 7pm for GUN HER TAO practice. IS A MUST TO COME AS this coming friday, we will be performing for JAM AND HOP at 6pm.

2)ying xing
4)teck han
5)yi hong
6)hai ping
8)ying shan*
9)xiao pang *
11) angeline *

Important notice! please read carefullly!

Hey peers~!
please take note that there will be NO practices for these sectional this coming week.(affected from 29 june to 2 june!)
7)combine practice


REASON: these sectional instructors are busy for this coming week.


SET A and B DIZI and SET B CELLO/BASS are still on this coming week......

Thursday, May 25, 2006

NDP concert~!

Hey everyone~
NDP coming soon !!~~ wanna go and watch NDP together? If so , what are you waiting for ,let go and e-balloting together!~ hehe
plz make ur application for NDP concert tickets at www.ndp.org.sg from 25 may to 4 june!!!
lets celebrate our nation birthday~!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

having DINNER together ~!(apply to all new and current members)

Hey to all those NYPCO current and new members who reading this!*wave*

In order to bond us together and let our new members to feel that they are part of our big family, we encourage YOU to join us for dinner before every practices at 5.45pm (location for dinner mostly at food junction).

For every combine practice on wednesday, please wear our GREEN T-shirt if you can so that we can easily identify our own co members over there.

Hope to see you there!~^o^


PE day on every wednesday

Since wednesday is our combine practice and many of us are free after 3pm, we have decided to make wednesday a NYPCO Physical education day!( short term: PE)*horray*
well, is not Compulsory but we highly recommend YOU to join us for the fun!^o^v
The reason we are having this is because we must MAKE FULL USE OF OUR SCHOOL FACILITY!~(every sem student bill for Sports fees:$7.90) Plus to prevent us from falling sick~!

NYPCO PE day will start this coming wednesday at 4.30pm.Please bring along these items as stated below:
-extra t-shirt,short
-extra towel
-a pair of sport shoe
-admin card( for entering sport hall)
-body shampoo(optional)

The activities we recommend YOU to join are :
-2.4km run at NYP track (provided never rain)
-NYP gym
-playing badminton at NYP sports hall (bring your own racket hor )
-swimming (plz ask you friend who are very good in swimming to accompany you)
-playing tennis (bring your own racket hor )
-playing basketball
-playing soccer

For those who wanna play badminton ,tennis,soccer and basketball, please be reminded to book the court at e-services before playing.=)

Hope to see you with PE attire ~hohoho~=x

weilin ^v^v

Friday, May 19, 2006


Hi all new members

Results are posted as follows.

Please attend the sectional practice as scheduled. Attendance will be mark for all lessons. If your name does not appear below please proceed to Chinese Orchestra room to look for HeQiang, Jacqueline or Weilin. For those that would like to appeal to another sectional group, please write your name on the paper pasted outside the CO Room and be present on Tuesday 6.30pm.

Work hard and put in your best effort to learn and to participate.

All the best and Good Luck
Percussion  ErHu
065756N Wong Ka Ching

060308R Xu SiSi

050530Z Hu Xin

052336T James Lee

050116W Yu Yi

051142X Chen SiYing

061161L Kang Rui Wen

064487Q Goh Jia Yi

060333L Wu Wanping

060313X Yu Wei

060327Y Zhou Weiwei

060242T Shi Huan Huan


061006Z He WeiLun

060233K Liu Yang

063326X Hor Yin Xin

060272U Guo HaiYan

060256K Yang Xiao Ran

060281Y Liang Wan yun

060231J Liu CaiFang

050499S Yang Sujing

060330P Zhu Lin

060224Z He Yuan Yuan

060505F Wang Shuyue

064981H Lee Jia Yue

062003Q Goh PeiLin

050246S Sun Kai

052951N Priscilla Goh

060344F Dai Ziyu


PiPa  GuZheng 
060045F Jiang Yue

065652Z Wong Fang Cheng

050457U Li Lu Xuan

060289H Luo LiFang

060140Q Peng Lin

062145N Agnes Ang

060317B Zhang Fang

060273G Guo LiLi

061775D Ong Tong Ying

060257D Yang YaJing

054258Q QIAO MI
063881Z Zhang Zhang

064053Y Lu Yuyuan, Wendy

061161L Kang Rui Wen

064487Q Goh Jia Yi

060034L Yang Jing Lin Yi

060120Y Li Jin Chi

050457U Li Lu Xuan

050541L Li Shi Zhen

060599S Yang Su Jing

050301Y Yang Yue Xiang

060339Z Li Pei

060280D Li Yan

060311T Ye Meng
Zhong Ruan  Liu Qin
060291S Malili

060220H Fan Shu na

060260C Yi HuanYing

053080G Tan Yue Fen

060542H Ruan Dong

061732C Chan DeMing

050532Q Jin Jing

060107S Man Zhu
060259N Yao Yan

063016K Chong Qian Hui

060342G Li Yujie

060285R Liu Na

063016K Chong Qian Hui

063766Z Tan Siew Ling

060262R Zhang Jinghui

054784K Ivoy Chia

060280D Tian Ning

060239R Ruan Yanna

060244X Tian Ning

060311T YeMeng

061775D Ong Tong Ying

050115F Chen Ming
Yang Qin  Cello 
060279K LiJing

064714F Wee Joe Fu

060228A Li Shu Chu

060249U Wang XiuJuan

060336X Han LiLI

060755U Bay Xuehui

060264L Zhao Lin

060309E XUE FANG
060240E Shan Si Bi

053770G Edwin Chua

060253W Wu Liqiong

050511D Zheng Xiang

063361K Tan KaiTing

061817W Jannie Ngu Yee Lin

060243H Shi wenrui

060341U Bai Lin Lin

050142K Xing Li Jun
Bass  Suona 
060316Z Zhang Ding Ding

060312H Yu Jun Jiao
060245S Tian Ruijin

060343A Guo SaSa

064430X Lee Si Jie Condy

052905N Terence Lim

060256D Yang Ya Jing
Zhong Yin Sheng Gao Yin Sheng
063235S Goh Yi Ling

060331R Zhu Yu

060290X Ma DeYing

060270Z Gao PeiPei

060261P Zhang HongYu
060246M Wang Lidan

050467N Liu Shuai
060297A Qin Ting

062674N Mok Wng Xi Joanne

060293Z Mao Xue

050500M Yang YueXiang

065503N Clement Ng

064087M Shireen Fu

060340B Ren Shuxuan

054685S Deng Lu

053235X Ang Lay Teng

060294B Niu LinQin

063279H Ong Chin Guan

060286E Lu Huimin

060324Q Zhao Hong


060286E LU HUI MIN

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Practice Dates....

Practice dates for NYPCO with effects from 21 May 2006 - Monday

PS: If you cannot see the picture, double click to see the full image

Monday, May 08, 2006


All members please note that you have to go to e service and add your cca points at the e service for all the past performances. those who have already added please check that your submission is endorsed. For the activities that you have to add, please refer to the " How to add cca point" post.

All new members please note that this week will be the last week for all instruments workshop.
Please note that you have to submit your forms with your grades by next monday with your first 3 choice of instruments indicated .

Friday, May 05, 2006

Notes for Adding CCA Points

For some cca entries, there are 2 options:
1. Service
2. Enrichment
Service  is the option for the service that you rendered to a CCA THAT WE HAD NOT JOINED. Eg, Club Crawl, Open House.
Enrichment is the option for the service that you rendered to A CCA THAT WE HAD JOINED. Eg. StarStruck Concert.

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