Monday, July 30, 2007


HI guys,

some amendments to the Repertoire. we will only play DA ZAO on wednesday.

So tuesday's combined practice, those who played Da Zao, please turn up for the combined practice. =)Thks!!

BTW: for Wednesday, all are to attend the PCEO session mention on the previous post. If there are any test and so, please pass me your admin numbers and course manager. Mr Woon and Karen will speak to the managers.

Thank you for all your cooperation.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

1st August Event

Hi Co Mates,

These are the details given for 1st august, Wednesday meet the Principal Session.

Date: 1st August 2007
Venue: NYP staff lounge (Just above Kou Fu)

Reporting Time for Members: 2.45pm (For those who have test until 3plus, please come to co room after that. )
Reporting Time for Logistics: 2.15pm

Logistics In charge: David/Aaron , Yi Fei and all other guys who can help to move the instruments over asap, so that we can save time. All guys please help with the instruments, sincere thanks!

All members are to be responsible for your own instruments alright =) thks!

Attire: RED AIMF tee-shirt and Jeans

GUAN HUAN FANG SHI( 关怀方式) (Vocalist: Ms Geneviene Tay)
DA ZAO (打枣)

Excuse Letters will be given on that day.

BTW, i think there are going to be some kind of refreshments or might be even better things to eat? lolx.. so, please kinda of note =)

That's about all. Thanks!! =)


Monday, July 23, 2007


Hi Fellow CO mates,

There are some issues that i need to bring forth attention to all of you. As we know, exams and debarring period is here, i understand that there are quite a number of you have gotten warning letters despite submitting all your excuse letters up.

I urge everyone to contact your PEM(personal mentor) who should be able to assist you. By right, the AIMF trip and other mayflower perfomance, and auditiorium performance should not affect your attendance because they are all valid reasons. Therefore, please double check clearly to ensure that none of you are in the debarment list.

If there are anymore of you who needs the approval letter that indicate you have been approved of going for AIMF, please msn me or call me. I will forward them in to your mails.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

yellow ribbon project

Hi all!

This info is for those performers going for the yellow ribbon project.

Details as follows:

  • 29 SEP 2007
  • Saturday
  • meeting time will confirm again
  • 12pm to 3pm is performance time
  • at Changi Prison auditiorium
  • Pieces we will be playing:



Suite & Light
Gu Jing, Daniel, Yufei, Ruixiang & Damien




Double check with ur SL to see if u r participating if u are not sure =)

contact me or ur SL if in doubts =)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

campus run

NYP Campus Road Run 2007

Race Details
Venue: NYP Stadium
Date: 1st August 2007
Reporting Time: 3pm

Men’s Open, Women’s Open
-In Teams of 4

Sports Challenge Trophy (Men), Sports Challenge Trophy (Women)
-In Teams of 4
-Each Sports Team must send at least 2 teams

Arts & Clubs Challenge Trophy (Mixed)
-In Teams of 2 Men and 2 Women

Finisher T-Shirt for
-Top 100 Men
-Top 50 Women
(While SIZES last!!)

Medals for
-Top 3 teams in Men’s Open
-Top 3 teams in Women’s Open
-Champion team in Sports Challenge Trophy (Men)
-Champion team in Sports Challenge Trophy (Women)
-Champion team in Arts & Clubs Challenge Trophy (Mixed)
-Top 6 Fastest Men Overall
-Top 6 Fastest Women Overall

$50 Sporting Vouchers for

-Fastest Men
-Fastest Women

Plaques for (dunno spell correctly not)
-Champion team in Sports Challenge Trophy (Men)
-Champion team in Sports Challenge Trophy (Women)
-Champion team in Arts & Clubs Challenge Trophy (Mixed)
(Winning team will have their CCA name put on the plaque which will be kept by Student Affairs or their own club room until next year’s competition.)

Lucky Draw
-Ipod Shuffle (x1)
-4 movie tickets for any show at any GV (x1)
-1 pair of movie tickets for any show at any GV (x3)
-Adidas Sports Water Bottles (x3)
-Adidas Shoe Bag (x4)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Article From CNA

Hey people, congratulations! We are on CNA! =D

Title : Nanyang Poly Chinese Orchestra clinches gold at int'l event
By : Foo Xiao Xuan
Date : 13 July 2007 1745 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE: The Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra has clinched a gold award in the "Instrumental Category" at the 18th Australian International Music Festival held in Sydney.

This was the orchestra's first international foray.

According to Chris Gibbs, GM and Director of World Projects, Nanyang is the first and only team in the history of all their festivals to receive full marks.

The orchestra was also one of the three groups to be invited to perform at the Festival's closing ceremony at the Sydney Opera House. - CNA/yy

Let's work even harder and continue striving for greater heights!!

- Webmaster

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Hi all fellow CO members,

Here's some announcements, both COMBINEd and SECTIONAL practices will resume next week, starting from 16th July.

Please turn up for your sectional practice =) we have more programmes coming up !!

Thanks! See you guys soon =D


Monday, July 09, 2007

Hey all!
My greatest congrats to you guys! (though i know its late)

Event:Nurse's Conference
Date: 30th July (time have yet to know)
Venue: YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, Singapore
Reportoire: Gu Yue 1

The following people please get back to me by 11/07 if you guys can make it.
  1. Xiao Pang
  2. Sophia
  3. Wei Lin
  4. Ka Ching
  5. Yin Xing
  6. Jia Yi (confirmed)
  7. Jac
  8. He Qiang
  9. Wing Chong (confirmed)
  10. Taurus
  11. Sherryl
  12. Xing'er
  13. Koen
  14. Gen
  15. Yi Hong

EVCO annual concert

Guys, once again EVCO's annual concert is back!

This time round it will be a action packed performance by the EVCO members who would bring pleasant melodies like Nan Dao and Yao Zu, majestic pieces like Long de Chuan Qi and Jiang Jun Ling, and none nevertheless the rhythmical seasons pieces; Chun, Xia, Qiu, Dong~! what a Oh My God songs EVCO will be playing and what are you waiting for!? grab the tickets while they are still available!

the concert will be conducted by Mr Hu Bing Xu on this 29 July, 5pm at Singapore Conference Hall. And your fellow co mates are also involved in this concert! if you are not sure who is involved, they are:
  • Chia Sin (hu qin)
  • Chin Yin (percussion)
  • Chu Jun (dizi)
  • Damien (bass)
  • David (suona)
  • Jia Wen (hu qin)
  • Taurus (suona)
  • Teck Han (dizi)
  • Raymond (hu qin)
  • Rui Xiang (bass)
  • Sophia (percussion)

Do come and support your fellow CO friends~!

For your information, there might be some grants given exclusively to NYPCO members so you would be paying less then the price stated for the concert. if you are interested to watch and wish to receive the grant, kindly make a request ONLY to your respective sectional leader that you want a ticket possibly by 16 of July and wait patiently for instruction to get your tickets.

Damien, on behalf of EVCO.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Important Notice

Hi all,

I've jus received news from Mike that our all time composer Mr Yeo Puay Hian jus passed away this morning 11 July 2007. NYPCO would like to show our condolences to Mr Yeo's family.

Also, we would like to ask if members would like to make a contribution to flowers to be send to the wake. If you are interested, pls contact Heqiang via msn or sms or phone call asap via 96288196


ps. Sorry damien i have to put this above ur post or else no 1 will be able to see it le thanks

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Hi Guys,

大家辛苦了,看来我们所付出的一切都是值得的。 =)
佩诗写了个英文版的ENTRY,那我就来写华文版的吧。 哈哈!



噢,当然不能忘了在悉尼细心照顾我们的红英MISSY 和 AMELIA MISSY。 哈哈,多亏她们我们在能够康复=)

  • 黄丝带计划
  • 滨海艺术中心-美丽星期天音乐会
  • Annual Concert

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hi all!!!

Congrats!!! All the hard works u all have put in have paid off =) Wee~

After working hard for so many months, it's time for us to take a short short break. Rest to go further yeah =) Section A will have break for around a week till Mr Chiang says resume. Once confirm i will inform the Sectional Leader to tell you all. Those who are sick pls make use of this break really take good care of yourselves.

Every ending marks a new begining. We still got a long long long way to go. Now we have Gold so should expect more performances to come too yeah? hahaha

Just for your information, some of the major upcoming performance are the
  • Yellow Ribbon Project (September)
  • Esplanade Beautiful sunday(December)
  • Annual Concert

I will paste a sheet of the timeline in the co room once I can confirm most of it =) Look forward to it!!!!

New repertoires are out so let's contiune to work hard!

Jiayou Jiayou!!!