Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hi all,
hows ur exams? im here to dish out some announcements.....

4 March to 6 March 2007

Venue: Aloha Loyang Sea view 14

I will leave the further annoucement for Aaron to announce... find him for details k?

CO Combine Practice resumes on
7 March 2007

For sectionals, pls check with your respective sectional leaders.

Er hu sectional practice will resume on
1 March 2007

Jacqueline Leow

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Hi Guys,

Wish all members a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! =)Enjoy this festive season!

By the way,

Exams is just around the corner, so remember to study and work hard for your exams!!

Remember also to drink loads of water and stay as healthy as possible if you want to be able to eat tons of delicacies!! =)

Here's some updates for all of you for the upcoming march holiday. This is what CO has for you=)

NYPCO Chalet BBQ gathering / 庆功宴
Date: March 4,5,6 [Sunday, Monday, Tuesday]
Venue: Aloha Loyang Resort

Please do join us in this chalet because it's part of the celebration we have for doing up a good job in Beautiful Sunday and Annual concert=) Congrats everyone for working hard together for these past few months to make these two events a successful one. As well as, a bonding session for every single one of you. So i sincerely hope everyone could give their support for this chalet=)

I'm sure it's going to be a fun one. Will be back for more updates. Meanwhile!! GAMPADE!! study hard =)