Friday, September 30, 2005


those involved in the oct 22 sat old folks home practise, please ensure that you will attend co practise tomorrow at 9.30am to 12.30 pm

the SGH performance had been cancealed as SGH had changed their plans in how the event should work.

Friday, September 23, 2005

General Meeting 24-9-2005

Upcoming activities
  • 4/10/2005 - Internal restructuring ends (refer to 3)
  • 6/10/2005 – Arrival of t-shirts
  • 4/11 to 6/11 – CO Camp
  • 16/11/2005- SGH Percussion Performance
  • 6/12/2005 – Lunchtime Performance
  • December – Visit to orphanage
  • 6/1/2006 – CO Concert “Star struck”
  • January – Celebration Party
  • January – Open House
  • 6/2/2006 – Punggol Park Performance
  • February – Chingay Performance

    Introduction of new sectional leaders
    Communication with instructor, committee, entire section
    Instructors form
    Key bearer
    Logistics & Tuner

    Sectional Leaders to-do list
    · Attendance for Aug (to Angeline)
    · Remind members to check blog
    · Remind about $11.50 and distribute Indemnity forms
    · Communicate about upcoming activities
    · NEXT 2 WEEKS
    · Collect $11.50 from all members by 4-Oct-2005 (to Sophia)
    · Collect Indemnity forms from all members by 4-Oct-2005 (to Damian)
    · Note down the period on leave (flying back to homeland)
    · Attendance for Sept (to Angeline)
    · Prepare list of members’ size & payment by 4-Oct-2005 (Alex will check!)
    · WEEK STARTING 9-Oct-2005
    · Distribute t-shirts
    Check NYPCO blog at

    Keys to be at locker when the CO room is not in use

    · Angeline & Xiao Pang in charge
    Calling up
    Practice Dates
    · Fridays for percussion?
    Structure of Committee
    · Secretary – print out announcement & committee list for Notice Boards “Come for sectional practice next week!Pay $11.50 for t-shirts & sign indemnity form by 4-Oct-2005Both must be completed before we can give you the t-shirts!”Call your sectional leader for queries
    · Librarian
    · Treasurer
    · Logistics
    · Uniform
    · Repertoire
    Percussion Opener
    When you believe
    Beauty & the Beast
    Colours of the wind
    Guan Huai Fang Shi
    First Love
    I believe
    Kung Fu
    ?Journey to the West
    * Friends for Life
    * Chi dao shang de ye hui
    · Publicity
    · Stage Management
    · F&B + Key : Joyce
    · Ticketing : Shi Yean

Thursday, September 15, 2005

UDITIONS: 《超?主持人》邀你?挑?!


We would like to invite students who eager to be a famous TV host, aged between 16-35, confidence, a quick minded, the gift of gab, and a sense of humour, come for MediaCorp “SuperHost” audition to challenge to be the next generation of top-rates host!
Program Highlight:
Channel U’s latest reality talent show, SuperHost, hosted by Quan Yi Feng, will begin its search for the next generation of top-rated hosts. This mammoth competition will see thousands of hopefuls with the gift of gab to vie for the votes of the judges and viewers for the ultimate title of SuperHost.
Based on 50% judges’ scores and 50% viewers’ SMS votes, these contenders will vie for the grand title of SuperHost, a hosting contract with MediaCorp and $50,000 cash!

AUDITIONS: 《超?主持人》邀你?挑?!
The SuperHost 1st round audition will be start in October. Dates are as follow:
? 8th- 9th October 05 Cine Leisure Open Plaza,
? 15th October 05 Bugis Junction
Test for 1st round audition:
Prepare 2 min performance to show their ability of hosting, eloquent and self confidence.
Candidates who pass the 1st round audition able to get into 2nd round audition on 23rd Oct 05 at Marina Square.
The selected 16 finalists will be trained under two very experienced hosts, Guo Liang and Xu Nai-Lin(famous Taiwan host) ,and compete to impress the judges and the viewers.
We encourage students to participate enthusiastically. Besides, we would like to seek your permission to put up of SuperHost notice and posters in the campus. Please advice the number of posters that we can put up in the school compound and we will send it to you as soon as it is ready.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Please take note!

(1) Combine Practice resumes on 20th September

(2) Meeting for camp organizers on 23rd Sept 6.30pm

(3) Meeting on 24th Sept - Sectional leaders on 10am
- Concert Ex-co 11.30am

(4) We’re getting our t-shirts on 6th Oct!
Pls pay up $11.50 by 30th Sept

Calendar of events for co till feb....

Calendar of events for Chinese Orchestra

22 October 2005 Orphanage Performance (estimated date)

4-6 November 2005 CO Camp

16 November 2005 SGH Performance
- Percussion Piece ?核桃

November Lunch Time Concert
- 1 Percussion Piece
- 1 ensemble or combined piece

6 January 2006 CO Concert

Jan 2006 Open House

11 Feb 2006 Punggol Park Performance

Feb 2006 Chingay Performance