Sunday, June 26, 2005


1. Debriefing of Farewell Party, Club Crawl and Orientation

2. NYPCO T-Shirt
a. Confirmation of T-Shirt Design
b. Selection of T-Shirt Color
c. Getting of samples
d. The Printing Company

3. Activities for CO Members
a. Games/Outing
b. Brainstorming of other ideas
c. Activities for alumni

4. CO Camp
a. Ideas for CO Camp
b. Date for holding CO Camp

5. Report of Departments
a. Logistic
b. Farewell
c. Publicity
d. Treasurer
e. Sectional leaders
f. Librarian

6. Announcement to all new members
a. Basic rules & regulations
b. Club fund
c. Confirmation of instruments
d. Communication process
e. Adhoc grps recruitment