Wednesday, July 13, 2005

12th July Announcement

Attn: All Members

Dearest members & freshies,

Let me first give the freshies a warm welcome into the big family! The journey, which you will embark here in the Chinese Orchestra, will be a fun filled and enriching one. It’s been almost a month since Club Crawl and I hope you have enjoyed yourselves so far.

We have recently just been promoted to a Star CCA, and we are in the process of planning BBQs, orphanage performances and concerts, making t-shirts, buying more instruments, organizing the annual camp and hopefully go overseas.

· BBQ – The BBQ will be on 6th Aug at Pasir Ris Park (near Downtown East).
· T-shirt – We are getting samples from tailors and they will be ready in 2 months.
· Orphanage performances – Tentatively set in October for all freshies to perform
· Annual Camp – More fun and games in November

Things to note:
· Updates will be on the blog ( every Wednesday and also on the Notice Board.
· $8 Club fund to be paid by 15th July. It will be used to fund the BBQ.
· Always assume that practice is on unless you are told it is cancelled.
· No footwear allowed at the CO room A240 at all times.
· Return all tuners to your sectional leader, move back the chairs and stands, throw away your food/litter after practice.

· The committee is currently looking for enthusiastic members who can help and lead others in various tasks. Feel free to approach any of the 3 Presidents, committee members or your sectional leader if you wish to help.

Upcoming Meetings:
o Welfare – 20th July, 4pm at CO room. Organize BBQ & Games
(All new members are welcomed to contribute & help! Decide what food to buy as well!)


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