Monday, May 29, 2006

BaZaaR ~ 2nd June

Hi All CO members,

This coming friday is a bazaar day.
This is a day where we can set up our booth to sell items that are being approved.
Item that we are selling: Hand Make Accessories
Stuff Toys

Date: 2nd June 2006
Venue: Sport Hall (Block G) ~ Stall no.15
Time: 11am to 6pm

Helpers: Koen(in charge), David, Sher, eunice, xiao chong and taurus

Please bring along your friends along to support us. Not just Support us, and also to help us by buying the items we are selling. The profits are us, with this profits, we are able to have more exciting activities, better games, outing and also better FOOD for us for our upcoming the BBQ. We really hope everyone tag your friends along down to the sport hall to our stalls to support us.. We need your support.

Thank you !!!

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Seet HeQiang