Monday, September 04, 2006


1. Please take note that practice have resume last week Please be reminded to come for practices regularly. If u have any problems please approach me or your sectional leaders

2. NYPCO Annual camp 2006

8 September 2006 Friday to 10 September 2006 Sunday

Reporting time : 2.00 pm sharp

Pls bring your lanyards

Pls be punctual (If are on attachment or are unable to attend any days of the camp for any reason pls inform your sectional leaders)

Please be reminded that you are not allowed to leave the campus anytime during the 3 days camp. In the event that you have to leave the campus for emergency matters, please inform the camp commandant(rui xiang) or the 3 ps( me , wei lin and he qiang). otherwise please stay in the campus at all times

If you leave the campus without our acknowlegement NYPCO management and the sch management will not bare any responsiblity if accident happens.