Sunday, June 15, 2008

Remember them..

We can't stop tragedies from happening, what God wants to take away, what He wants to leave behind. However, as long as we stay strong we are still NYPCO!

This day, we will always remember RuiXiang for his helpfulness, cheerfulness and most importantly his contributions to NYPCO & CSCO. His sudden passing have deeply impact the fellow juniors and seniors of NYPCO. We have lost a good cellist who have shown so much passion towards music.

We grieved for this wonderful man who have always been the motivator of cello section, been a great brother for some of us, a leader and most importantly our dear friend!!

To you RX:

We have always look upon you as a brother, a leader and an adviser. To NYPCO, you are an adviser, a good cellist and the pillar for cello section. Now that you have accomplished what you need to fulfill in this life, it is time for you to rest. It saddens the orchestra but we all will stay strong and accomplish what we have promised to do in Oct. We will not fail you and David!!

"Believe in us and be there with us"


With Love,