Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NYPCO Camp 2009!!


Let me guess..

After a success of Beautiful Sunday performance, many of us must be thinking.. "When is the Qing Gong Yan?! Why don't have Qing Gong Yan!"

What you all want/desire for is finally HERE! A group of year 1s have organized the NYPCO Camp 2009 and the details are as follwed:

NYPCO Camp 2009
Date: 26 December 2009, Saturday to 27 December 2009, Sunday (overnight)
Reporting time: 11.15am (26 December 2009)
Ending time: 5.30pm (27 December 2009)
Venue: CO Room (A240)

Everyone is ENCOURAGED to attend the camp to get to know more about your friends in CO, and see the crazy and fun side of them! ALL ALUMNI MEMBERS & INSTRUCTORS ARE INVITED TO OUR CAMP TOO! :D

The camp will be a very bonding and fun-filled camp, so dun miss it! Other than Qing Gong Yan, there will be a Christmas Gift Exchange, and Graduation Day for Year 3 members! For the Christmas Gift Exchange, each member is to bring a nicely wrapped gift, cost within $5.

Note: Please buy something NICE, MEANINGFUL etc for the gift exchange ok! We dont want to give the gift recipients an unexpected "surprise"! =P

See you there! =D