Saturday, June 10, 2006

concert "Autumn Nocturne"..

Guys, anyone interested in watching the coming concert "Autumn Nocturne" on 8/7/06 @ SCH by Changkat CC Chinese Orchestra? this is a external concert which i personally is involved in and there will be no subsidies made by NYP..

the folllowing songs: Long teng hu yue, feng shou luo gu, yao zu wu qu, ling zhong ye hui, chun dao xiang jiang(dizi solo), bumblebee & turkish march(mu qin solo),jing tai yang, san men xia, huang tu qing(suona solo), san liu, xi xun(yang qin solo)..

the ticket price is 14bucks.. it is not free seating but i have 11 tickets(one whole row, best if all nypco taking tat row.. hehe..).. so if u are interested plz approach mi.. Damien the Bass player.. =).. rest assure i wouldnt bite..