Saturday, June 10, 2006

Regarding to SCO concert

Hi peers,
here are the people who apply to watch SCO concerts this coming week.
16th June

Chen EnLing
Yang Su Jing
Du Rui
Zhang Guang Jun
Wang Jin Long
Lee Chin Yin
Ng Chien Wen Angeline
Jacqueline Leow
Chang Hoong Eng
Goh Chin Teck
Kwok Xiu Wen Cher
Tay Li Xin
Kartika Tjitra Salim

17th June

Wan Wing Chung
Tarurus Yap Zhi Qu
Li Xiao Lei
Ho Pei Shi
Soh Ting Jin Sherryl
Tay Li Yan
Tan Yan Jing Charissa
Lam Yuen Yee
Nurul Faleen Keisha
Eunice Tan
Tay Huey Yong Geneviene
Han Xing' Er
Lee Li Yi
Xian MengShan
Lee Chin Yin
Kwok Xiu Wen Cher
Hou Zhao Qi
You Jinfang
Teh Pei Lin Jasmine
Kartika Tjitra Salim

These people, please pay the full amount of money to xinger by this coming Monday (12th June).Each Tickets cost $14 dollar + additional $1 dollar sistic fees.
However, you will be able to get your $8 refund($7 dollar Subsidies + $1 dollar sistic fees)about 2- 5 weeks time after our subsidies proposal has been approved by our school.

For those who are going to Singapore conference hall for the first time, you have to take note these rules that set by SCO.

1)Foods and drinks are NOT allowed inside the concert hall (etc candy, coke). You are only allowed to bring plain water.
2)Camera, video camera and audio recording are NOT allowed inside the concert hall.
3)Attire on Slipper, short and t-shirt (ah gong style) are not allow to enter the concert hall.
4)If you are late for the concert, example concert start at 8pm and you come at 8.05 after the door close, you have to wait for the song end before entering to the concert hall.

Please follow these rules as to prevent the ushers who allocate around the concert hall to catch you breaking these rules.

have a great term break!