Friday, November 03, 2006

SCO Conductor Series The Winds Breathe On

04 Nov 2006

SCO Concert HallSingapore Conference Hall

TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
Standard - S$35, S$25, S$20, S$16, S$12
Please add to above price $2 Booking Fee for tickets above $20 and $1 Booking Fee for tickets below $20. Charges include GST where applicable.

S$14, S$9 per ticket for Senior Citizens aged 55 years old and above, Students aged above 6 years old and NS Men[Discount is applicable for Cat 4 and 5 only]

If you buying tickets at the price of $12 and $16.. you can choose roll O to Y seat 29- 36 * around there* If you are viewing percussion ,guo gu ,cello
roll O to Y seat 1 to 16 *around there* if you are viewing suona ,dizi,erhu,gu zhen