Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pre -Tour Lunch Time concert

Hello Peepz, i will post the details for this friday on behalf of my dear presidents although i know i shouldnt be doing this.

Report @ 9.15 AM sharp

Where : CO room

Attire : Green Co tee -shirt, jeans and covered shoes


    1) Spirit of Drums (4mins 12secs) Composer : Shen Guo Qin

    2) Plum Picking (5mins) Arranger : by Jin Shi Yi

    Suona soloist : David Li

    3) Matsuri (5mins 20secs) Composer : Kitaro

    Arranger : Sim Boon Yew

    4) Namdo Arirang (11mins 30secs) Composer : Bai Da Xiong

    5) Harvest (7mins 30secs) Composer : Nai Chung Guan

    6) Capriccio of Sea (6mins 28secs) Composer : Law Wai Lun

    7) The Well-Matched Fight (8mins) Composer : Li Ming Xiong

    Encore : Australian Folk songs (5mins) Arranger : Yeo Puay Hian