Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thank You

Hi Ladies/Gentlemen,

Thank You For All Your hard work put in this Beautiful Sunday, Esplanade concert!! Everyone did their best. Thanks for all your effort.

Let's work HARDER for annual concert!! (=

Couple of announcements to make
  1. This week Wednesday got no combined practice, as well as Saturday. However Sectionals are still on. (=
  2. There will be an intensive music camp on the coming 17 - 19 Dec 2007. Please attend it as it will be a fruitful session. There will be BBQ held on the 19th Dec 2007. (More details will be up soon, look out for it.)
  3. Please try and keep CO room clean, we still have an annual concert to work on!! Pick up any rubbish you see and throw. Thanks alot!!! (really!)
Will be back for updates on the intensive music camp organize by RAYMOND our welfare who have kindly plan the programme. Please support him! (=

Thats all!!