Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thanks!! Everyone

Hi fellow members,

THANK YOU for participating in the CO Xmas Gift Exchange Party on Saturday!! (= i believe many of you had an enjoyable time.

Thanks!! for those who put in effort in making this event a successful one, especially the year 1's who contributed much of their time and effort in the planning!!

I have another serious matter which i want to remind all members:

Please do turn up for both sectional and combined practices for the subsequent days. It is very important that we have good attendance rate so that we can practice together. Unless those who have exception who are on attachment or sick. It is also crucial that we all put in effort in doing our part well such that we can put up a commendable performance for all to see. We NEED to have 100% attendance rate from all of us. Looking at the current situation, we are BELOW satisfactory.

Mr Chiang has put in his effort into this Orchestra, the only part that we can contribute is by doing well in each of our own part. Please motivate each other to come for practices. Don't we all want to put up a good performance so that we can have better opportunities in the future? Like going overseas.

The subsequent finalized repertoire will be out, and schedule will also be out soon. Please check your own timing against the schedule and plan your timing properly (=

Please Please do turn up, my sincere PLEASE to all of you.

Thank You!

PeiShi & Joanne