Thursday, January 31, 2008

passing of a great mate

This day, we have lost a great mate, a great suona player, great logistics as well as a great friend who have brought endless joy and laughter to this orchestra.

Dear all, our beloved '
蜡笔小新’ David Li, has passed away yesterday at around 11.45pm due to a severe car accident. His sudden death have brought many of us into the state of shock.

This day, we shall grieve for this great mate who have brought endless joy and laughter to us. This man, who have put in his most effort in playing a part as a NYPCO member and did us proud with his fabulous 'Long Teng Hu Yue' Suona Solo during AIMF.

Dearest David,

If you ever pass by here, we just want you to know that you are deeply loved and remembered by us! Your laughter and jokes will always remain in CO room, your music will remain in CO room and last of all, Your heart will always be with us, NYPCO! No matter where are you now, you will always be in our hearts!

The orchestra is deeply saddened by your passing, however we will be strong because we know, you will want us to be!!
我知道,你会希望我们乐团,上下团结一致,继续奏出感人动听的音乐。 Rest assure, we will not fail u.

Thank you for being my good comm member, Thank you for willing to lend a helping hand when i really need one. You will never failed to fulfill requests and lastly i just want you to know, I really miss you alot.

一路走好,开心的上路去。 希望你永远快乐!


With Love,


who else? said...

Although I dunno David in person. That picture I took of him left me a very sad feeling, as though I shoud've got to know him better. But I didnt. David will definitely be missed.

- melvin mah

fromadistance said...

Hello to the family and friends of David. When my father had the chance to have a closer look at David and listened to his Suona solo performance (at Darling Harbour, Sydney) on a VCD brought back by his granddaughter who is a NYPCO member and also a close friend of David's, he gave his thumbs up for this talented young man who handled this unique musical instrument so well. He was shocked to learn of David's passing when I disclosed to him last evening and expressed in sadness how sudden and how in a hurry he left, and what a loss of a young soul and his incredible musical talent with the suona. We are people who have not met him in real life and he did not know who we are but we have felt the same loss and sadness just as much as his family and friends. I am writing this message because I love my niece very much and I know she is doing her best for herself and her CO friends to stay strong during this grieving times. David was one of her close friends and I want her to believe that he is in good hands and at a better place now. And each time she thinks of a great friend like him, she can look at the sky and I'm sure he is smiling down at her and all of his other friends and he wants all of you to know he is alright he is fine and he wants the same for all of you. Have peace with yourself and your hearts, he is now. God Bless!