Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thank You - Annual Concert 2008

Hi My Fellow Members,

Thank You for all the hard work put in for this Annual Concert 2008 - Musical Odyssey Of Love. It's been quite a hectic period that we have gone through, but I'm glad everyone did it!!

Peishi and I were really grateful for all your support and cooperation given during the rehearsals and practices, as well as the alumni who have returned to practice. This is part of the reason why this concert is a success. Of course another part was everyone's effort and the conductor's guidances. I'm glad we put up a good show.

We will be having more events in the future. Everyone take a well-deserve good rest now and work hard for ur studies before we are reunite again to form an even stronger orchestra then before (=

Till then, please take care!! =D

Your Peess,
Peishi & JoJo