Wednesday, December 13, 2006

regarding tickets

Hi all,

If you are still wondering where to get tickets for the annual concert,

please let ur sectional leaders know the number of tickets u need by this coming saturday's practice. If u want to ensure that u have the amount of tickets u need, book them early and get ur section's members to cooperate so that the numbers will reach me asap :)

also another IMPORTANT point to note please give realistic figures that you can ensure that the number of tickets u ask for u are able to have that number of people coming.

we have all put in alot of effort in to practising and preparing the concert. it YOUR concert get your friends to come and support.

For other enquires u can leave a tag on the tag board with a name that i can recognise so that i can get back to u or call me @ 98259281


Jacqueline Leow