Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gen Is Organizing a BBQ!~

Who says celebrations are coming to an END??


2007 countdown party.

Date: 31th December 2006(Sunday)

Activities: BBQ* + countdown

Venue: yet to be confirmed.

Time: 5pm till DAWN!!

(For those who cant stay with us for the countdown, we still do encourage you to JOIN IN THE FUN WITH US!! Of course u dun have to stay all the way TILL DAWN. U can pack n go after the countdown. NO RESTRICTIONS!! Own time own target!!)

* subjected to change. (90% BBQ, 10% not-known-yet activities)

If we were to have BBQ, you will need to contribute a small sum of money for the food and beverages. The sum of money to be contributed IS NOT CONFIRMED for the time being. BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT IT WILL BE $10 or less.

As this is a self-organized party, NYPCO will NOT hold any responsibilities to ANYTHING THAT GONNA HAPPEN TO YOU. There will be NO consent forms given so PLEASE SEEK YOUR PARENTS’ PERMISSION B4 YOU DECIDED TO ‘TON’ OUTSIDE!! Let them know that you are not involved with any “SAM SENGS” of any clan. Assure them that you are capable of taking responsibilities of yourself.

Interested parties,

You can look for GENEVIENE, XINGER and SHERRYL in CO ROOM during practice days or

find other better ways to get them.

(for example – msn, sms, etc.)