Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Esplanade detail for Members

Dear members,
For those aready d/l the document , sorry that trouble you all. I decided to post every thing on the blog so that u all no need to be so " ma fan" worried on how to open the document.=P

Information for members to know:
> Dress code :
Upper body: Tube, spaghetti top, razor back
Lower body: Long pants, long skirt.
Shoes: black covered-toes shoes. (With stockings to prevent blisters. Preferable BLACK in color)
*No accessories (necklace, ear-rings, rings, bracelets, anklets) are allow to wear during the concert
*No colored nail.(transparent colors are acceptable. STRICKLY NO SOLID colors)
*No wearing of watches and no bringing of handphones during performance.

Upper body: Black Chinese collar T-shirt
Lower body: Black Long pants
Shoes: Black covered shoes(BLACK SOCKS)
*No accessories (eg. DIAMOND STUD, RINGS) are allow to wear during the concert


For the ladies,
> Make-Up:
- basic foundation(with the sponge)
· Will be provided by NYPCO, BUT, use it at your own risk!
- Lipstick (compulsory)
· Will not be provided AT ALL!

Saturday schedule:
After combine practice, pack your own instrument.

Actual Day:
> Report in school at 8am
> All members need to help out on moving instruments.
> Boys are helping to carry all heavy instruments
> Girls are helping to carry scores and hand carried instruments

Rules to follow at esplanade:
1. Please DO not bring valuable things (example jewelry). NYPCO will not responsible on members who lost their valuable things,
2. Scan your card when you are going out of esplanade
3. Behave yourself in esplanade as we are representing NYP
4. No eating inside the dressing room. Lunches are held at green room.
5. Please be at back stage at 2pm, clear stage at 2pm.
6. Ladies are to put up make up on.

please click on the hyperlink to download the full document file for esplanade schedule and things that members should know before going to the concert.

password will release today combine practice or you can get it from any nyp_co members =)

lets work hard and perform the the best for this coming concert

yours sincerely