Monday, July 09, 2007

EVCO annual concert

Guys, once again EVCO's annual concert is back!

This time round it will be a action packed performance by the EVCO members who would bring pleasant melodies like Nan Dao and Yao Zu, majestic pieces like Long de Chuan Qi and Jiang Jun Ling, and none nevertheless the rhythmical seasons pieces; Chun, Xia, Qiu, Dong~! what a Oh My God songs EVCO will be playing and what are you waiting for!? grab the tickets while they are still available!

the concert will be conducted by Mr Hu Bing Xu on this 29 July, 5pm at Singapore Conference Hall. And your fellow co mates are also involved in this concert! if you are not sure who is involved, they are:
  • Chia Sin (hu qin)
  • Chin Yin (percussion)
  • Chu Jun (dizi)
  • Damien (bass)
  • David (suona)
  • Jia Wen (hu qin)
  • Taurus (suona)
  • Teck Han (dizi)
  • Raymond (hu qin)
  • Rui Xiang (bass)
  • Sophia (percussion)

Do come and support your fellow CO friends~!

For your information, there might be some grants given exclusively to NYPCO members so you would be paying less then the price stated for the concert. if you are interested to watch and wish to receive the grant, kindly make a request ONLY to your respective sectional leader that you want a ticket possibly by 16 of July and wait patiently for instruction to get your tickets.

Damien, on behalf of EVCO.