Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hi all!!!

Congrats!!! All the hard works u all have put in have paid off =) Wee~

After working hard for so many months, it's time for us to take a short short break. Rest to go further yeah =) Section A will have break for around a week till Mr Chiang says resume. Once confirm i will inform the Sectional Leader to tell you all. Those who are sick pls make use of this break really take good care of yourselves.

Every ending marks a new begining. We still got a long long long way to go. Now we have Gold so should expect more performances to come too yeah? hahaha

Just for your information, some of the major upcoming performance are the
  • Yellow Ribbon Project (September)
  • Esplanade Beautiful sunday(December)
  • Annual Concert

I will paste a sheet of the timeline in the co room once I can confirm most of it =) Look forward to it!!!!

New repertoires are out so let's contiune to work hard!

Jiayou Jiayou!!!