Saturday, July 28, 2007

1st August Event

Hi Co Mates,

These are the details given for 1st august, Wednesday meet the Principal Session.

Date: 1st August 2007
Venue: NYP staff lounge (Just above Kou Fu)

Reporting Time for Members: 2.45pm (For those who have test until 3plus, please come to co room after that. )
Reporting Time for Logistics: 2.15pm

Logistics In charge: David/Aaron , Yi Fei and all other guys who can help to move the instruments over asap, so that we can save time. All guys please help with the instruments, sincere thanks!

All members are to be responsible for your own instruments alright =) thks!

Attire: RED AIMF tee-shirt and Jeans

GUAN HUAN FANG SHI( 关怀方式) (Vocalist: Ms Geneviene Tay)
DA ZAO (打枣)

Excuse Letters will be given on that day.

BTW, i think there are going to be some kind of refreshments or might be even better things to eat? lolx.. so, please kinda of note =)

That's about all. Thanks!! =)