Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hi all,


  • For those who have not collect their indemnity and Edusave form, please collect them from co room. I will place them outside co room asap. Pink form for under 21, Blue Form for above 21. Edusave forms are applicable to only Singaporeans.
  • Please hand up all your forms except for edusave(which will be annouce when to hand up) by latest Friday 23 march 2007 if possible.
  • Members, please get your passport photo stated by next combined practice which is coming Wednesday or latest by Friday.
  • Please inform me with your names, admin no, school for those who think that you will be affected either by attachment, common test or fypj. Email me at joanneyongshi@gmail.com or tell me personally. Thanks.
  • Members , please check that your passport is still valid for at least 6 mths after the trip and before the trip. If they expired, please do get them renew since it's holidays now.
Apparently thats all,

Thanks, and enjoy your holidays!!