Friday, March 30, 2007

Updates on AIMF

Hi guys,


  • Please hand in your indemnity forms and photo-stated passport asap by next week. For those special cases, ASAP =) Thanks.
  • For those going Attachment, Common Test, FYPJ, please give me you names, admin no and school by next week. especially SHS, SBM, SIT
  • It's urgent and impt that everyone tt is affected gets their excuse letters. We will not entertain anymore names after next week. Please inform us earlier =) thanks.
  • Please choose your room-mates to stay with during the 9 days trip to Sydney. 2-3 ppl per room. Preferably 2. STRICTLY guys and guys, gals and gals. =) no mixing is allowed! Thanks. Inform me by next combined practice on wed 4/4/07. once informed, please try not to change. Thks =)
Thanks, that's all