Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hi guys,

Happy Holidays to all 1st, hope that you guys have a good time at the chalet =)

In future, this blog will be frequently updated for the AIMF (Australian International Music Festival). I will try and update every week after combined practice just in case any of you guys missed combined practice, you can look at the blog for reference, so that all of you guys wouldn't be lose halfway =)

Anything pertaining to AIMF that you wish to seek information about ,please feel free to come and look for me.

Some updates:
1st combined practice- 7march 07

  • I believe majority of you guys should know that we are allow to go to the AIMF this year at Sydney for competition,performing . So guys, please confirm with me your names and admin no of those who want to go by latest if possible by Monday 12 March 07.
  • The approximated fees for this trip is $700 plus with school subsidizing 70% of our fares for current members, and 50% for alumni. The fee that is paid includes Air ticket fares, Accommodation, festival fee, meals and traveling fares. These rates are consider quite reasonable as the school have subsidized much for us.
  • The objectives of this trip is to work towards our goal of obtaining a GOLD in the folk category of the competition, to obtain a exposure and as well as experiencing different musical culture=) and of course not forgetting to enjoy yourself.
I sincerely seek everyone's fullest cooperation and attention pertaining to this festival because with everyone's cooperation, determination and endurance, i believe we could work together as one and achieved the targets that we have set =).

Everyone please JIAYOU (i'm afraid of ganbatte already) so i better use this, it's safer =p