Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Combined Practices

Hi all,

Practice Schedules have been up. They are as of the following:

Every Wednesday -6.30-9.30pm
Every Friday- 6.30-9.30pm
Every Saturday -9.30-12.30pm (pls note, this will only be in effect in april,may and june)

Practices will be held at A242. =)

Please do make an effort in coming for all the combined practices as we will be practicing hard for the upcoming competition =) I hope everyone could give their commitment.

New Sectional Leaders are as of the following

Percussion: Ka Ching
Er Hu: Yu Fei
Cello: Jamie
Plucking: Eunice
Sheng/Suona: Taurus
Dizi: Chu Jun

Please look for your sectional leaders with regards to sectional practices and stuff.
They will be able to give u more information.

Thanks =)